American Management University continues to move forward during these times of uncertainty. As AMU continues to strategize a plan moving forward, two new partnerships have been established. 

First, AMU has now joined the International Alliance of Business Professionals. The IABP is a non-profit organization based out of Southern California that aims to create networking opportunities for managers and future leaders. The organization was established in 2019 and has over 500 members in 15 countries. AMU hopes in working with IABP both parties will benefit from networking opportunities. 

Second, AMU has partnered with California Metropolitan University. CMU is a new university established by many of AMU’s leaders as a second opportunity for learning. CMU will feature programs that are aimed to be in-person and traditional, in addition to online. This differs from AMU’s goals of recruiting working-adults and executives. 

AMU and CMU believe that this working relationship will help to foster ideas and help build a larger network. 

AMU is not enrolling new students with resources being reduced due to difficulties brought on by the ongoing pandemic. For more information contact AMU’s marketing department at

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