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The many health crises of the past two years have forced businesses to adopt a remote setting. In these digital meetings and online interfaces, the importance of proper management and leadership skills shine through. Many employers seek workers who are able to take charge of company projects and are now looking towards academic institutions to provide this. This year, many US and EU academic institutions have stepped up to the task. 

We’ve taken the liberty of ranking the top 20 institutions for Management & Leadership programs, focused more on their Master’s offerings. One interesting trend we found is that most American business schools sit on the top half of the list. This did not stop two European institutions from making the 2nd and 1st spots of the list. 

Starting off with the bottom half of the list, Paris-based Skema Business School takes the 20th spot. Even as one of the youngest additions on our list, it still manages to impress with its high-quality offerings. Next is the TUM School of Management at the 19th spot, located in Munich, Germany. At number 18 is the Warwick Business School which is situated in England, followed by the University of St. Gallen in the 17th spot. Numbers 16 and 15 are occupied by the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management and the Ross School of Business, with the latter being the first American institution on our list.

Next up is EDHEC Business School, a French-based business school that prides itself on business and management studies. Their institution sits at number 15, with the 14th position taken by RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Although their roots started off in Arts and Design, the University adopted Business and Management programs in response to rapid industrialization during the 1900s. The London School of Economics is up next at number 13, a well-respected campus that boasts a rich history of successful alumni. In the 12th spot, we find WU Vienna or the Vienna University of Economics and Business. The US once takes the 10th position with the American Management of University making the grade, a newer one of the many institutions based in the state of California that appeals to executives and managers with their seminar and online formats. 

Now on the top half of our list, Bocconi University takes the 9th spot. One of the few private universities on our list, they have been consistently ranked as one of the best among Italy’s colleges and universities. Another private university comes next as the University of La Verne sits at number 8. Their campus is situated in La Verne, California, and has offered its students opportunities for managerial success since 1891. In 7th comes Arizona State University, one of the largest universities in the US in terms of enrollment numbers. 6th on our list is Imperial College Business School which was formerly known as the Tanaka Business School until 2008. 

Lastly, we come to the top 5 universities on our list. We start off with ESADE Business School at number 5, offering students an environment to enrich their leadership and management skills. Penn State University sits at the 4th spot with the Smeal College of Business making consistent ranks throughout multiple lists. 3rd is Pepperdine University located in California, one of the most elite universities when it comes to the value and academic performance. Copenhagen Business School takes the 2nd spot and is one of the most prestigious institutions within the western world today. However, they were overtaken by the University that took the top spot on our list: The London Business School. The school has a long track record of providing ground-breaking curriculums that give its students the edge in business and management relations. Their prestige is bolstered further by the fact that the school has constantly gotten top ranks in most business school rankings.

This list aims to help students narrow down their choices on which University they should go to pursue their Master’s degrees. It also aims to help them make sound decisions on whether or not a specific university fits their career goals and is capable of providing them a robust curriculum that makes them excel as business leaders.

Below is the list of institutions that made our list of Management & Leadership Master’s Programs:

2022 Top Management & Leadership Master’s Programs
1.     London Business SchoolUnited Kingdom
2.     Copenhagen Business SchoolDenmark
3.     Smeal College of BusinessUnited States
4.     Penn State UniversityUnited States
5.     Esade Business SchoolSpain
6.     Imperial College Business SchoolUnited Kingdom
7.     Arizona State UniversityUnited States
8.     University of La VerneUnited States
9.     Bocconi UniversityItaly
10.  American Management UniversityUnited States
11.  WU ViennaAustria
12.  London School of EconomicsUnited Kingdom
13.  RMIT UniversityAustralia
14.  EDHEC Business School France
15.  Ross School of BusinessUnited States
16.  WHU – Otto Beisheim School of ManagementGermany
17.  University of St. GallenSwitzerland
18.  Warwick Business SchoolUnited Kingdom
19.  TUM School of ManagementGermany
20.  Skema Business SchoolFrance

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