How is your university so inexpensive?

Our goal is to keep costs to operate low. We find unique ways to do this by finding alternative methods not utilized by many universities. In addition, while many universities try to make as much revenue as possible (even non-profits), our goal is start with low-cost overheads, and charge as low as possible according to the overhead. Our goal is to generate enough revenue to pay the staff, teachers, run our operation smoothly and pass that savings onto our students. Our goal is not to make billions of dollars because our shareholders say so.

Will you stay this cheap forever?
Our goal is to keep costs as low as possible. Another goal for the university is to become accredited. Accreditation is not a cheap task. It requires an additional team to begin the process, pay the fees to the accrediting agency, and then having a team ensure we stay in compliance to keep our accreditation. Accrediting bodies require annual fees, too. We anticipate our tuition will go up, but we don’t foresee charging students exorbitant amounts just because we can. We really do want to help everyone have a chance at an affordable education and graduate debt-free.

Will my tuition go up when you raise tuition costs?

When you are accepted into your respected program, we will lock in your tuition for a period of time. Generally speaking, unless you stop attending, we will honor your tuition. It is our promise to you and a way of thanking you for believing in us as we get things going.

If your tuition is so low, do you have fees I need to worry about?

Other than our low tuition, there are a few fees to keep in mind. First, the application fee. This is non-refundable, but it is only $45. This fee is used to cover the costs of paying the staff to review your application. This takes time, and as they say in business, “Time is money.” The good news is that this fee is much lower than competitors out there.

Second, graduation fee is $200. The fee here goes to printing of your degree, ordering your degree folio, transcript costs, and reviewing your grades and work.

Third, there are fees that occur for ordering of extra transcripts, reviewing a transfer, late payments, and returned payments. These are standard to keep our operation moving, but again, our goal is to keep costs as low as possible.

Lastly, you have your textbooks. Many of you know the cost of textbooks can be insane. The good news is that we utilize a publisher that offers unlimited digital textbooks for one fee: $179! There are single printed books that cost $179, and you will get all of your textbooks in digital format for $179 per year.

As a bonus, AMU does offer different scholarships, including scholarships to help cover the costs of your graduation fee and books. More information can be found under the Admission Menu at the top and selecting “Tuition and Financial Aid”.

Are you accredited? 
Good question. American Management University is accredited by ASIC UK via validation. Our partners have agreed to accredit our program by reviewing student coursework. Upon review and payment of fees, students will receive, not only an AMU degree, but also a degree from our partner. So you are getting two degrees at the same time with no additional work!
We also plan on becoming independently accredited. Accreditation does take some time. However, we are dedicated to becoming accredited as soon as possible. Our accreditation team is hard at work to make sure we are already in compliance when we have our visit. In the meantime, all courses we offer, teachers, administration, and related are already in compliance with accreditors. The coursework at AMU is not a way to an “easy-degree.” We are not a diploma-mill and we are not a fee-mill.

Did you say it was not going to be easy? Does that mean it will be difficult?
“Difficult” is a relative term. But, what we are trying to say is that this is not going to be a series of easy tasks to get a degree. Our goal is create leaders, managers, and functional role-players for organizations. This means helping you to critically think, come up with creative solutions to problems, communicate effectively, and meet deadlines. Now, the work might be challenging at times, but the key is to reach out to your instructor and ask questions, don’t fall behind on your work, and be willing to listen to constructive criticism. Be willing to learn, adapt, and keep good time management, and you should do well.
What can I study at AMU ?

AMU focuses on business, management, and related industries. At the undergraduate level you can earn a Bachelor of Business Administration.


At the graduate level you have the choice of a Masters in Management (MiM) or a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Each degree can be tailored to your needs depending on your interest. Currently we offer concentrations in International Business, Leadership, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Healthcare Administration.


We anticipate offering other concentrations such as Sports Management, Hospitality Management, and Management Information Systems in the near future. We are hard at work to find interesting new options that can have you better prepared for your career.

Can I complete more than one concentration?

Absolutely! If you see more than one concentration that may fit your needs, you are more than welcome to take additional courses and have more than one concentration listed on your degree and transcripts.


Please keep in mind, you will need to pay the difference for the additional courses.

What if I graduate and I realize that I should have taken a different concentration?

Good question! This does happen to the best of us. We take on a program and realize after its finished that maybe another program would have made more sense. If you already graduated and you see a different concentration you would like to take, all you need to do is pay the tuition, enroll, and complete the coursework for the different concentration.


After you complete everything, we can update your transcript to include the new concentration or concentrations. Your degree can be re-printed, but you will have to pay for the printing service and the graduation date will change to the date you completed your last concentration

How long will it take to complete my program?

Our programs are set up to be completed at an accelerated pace. The MiM can be completed in as little as 10 months if you take two courses per 8-week term. The MBA can be completed in 12 months if you take two courses per 8-week term without any break for a term. The BBA can be completed in 24 months if you take two courses per 8-week term with one term off each year. If you would like to not take a break, you can complete the coursework in 20 months. Keep in mind that this program is only two years because you need to transfer in 60 units of undergraduate work. See the Admissions Page for details.


Note that, it is possible you could complete the coursework, but still have a balance due because of a payment plan. You will be considered complete only after you have satisfactorily finished the coursework and paid off any financial obligations. All records will be on hold until finances have been satisfied.

What if I have an account balance after I finish my program of study?
All you need to do is continue to make payments according to our payment plan. You may choose to pay off any balances all at once, if you would like. Upon balances being paid, you will be considered clear for graduation.

How do I login for my classes and coursework?
All courses can be logged into with Moodle. The link can be found at the top menu on our homepage. You will login with your assigned name and password.

Have a different question? Send us a message.