Our Southern California Sites

The seminar and learning site is located in West Covina, California, a small city just outside of Los Angeles. Our seminar and learning site is unique when compared to most universities. Other universities pile in as many students as possible into a classroom to listen to someone lecture. We always remember that our students are not looking for a traditional experience. Since our students are already business-minded due to their association with business organizations, we utilize several boardrooms to hold the main part of the class, then use small breakout rooms so groups of students can work together on their case studies. 

Upon completion of the case study module, students return to the boardroom to present their findings to the rest of the class and the instructor. We feel this helps to facilitate a more realistic environment as most modern organizations utilize teams, open workspaces, and meeting rooms. 

American Management University believes in being unique with the look and feel of our campus. Our students don’t feel like they are on a university campus but getting a true experience in corporate training to help our sponsors’ members become better leaders. The outside of our learning site is surrounded by beautiful fountains, benches, and many places to eat and even a movie theater. 

In addition, our Montclair location is where our administration, registrar, and several classrooms are located. 

Combined, our California locations features four boardrooms and six meeting rooms in an open floorplan arrangement. Most AMU classes are held in boardrooms. Several breakroom areas help students relax during breaks from class and in between classes. 

On occasion we may utilize classrooms that hold anywhere from 18 to 30 students. AMU uses several classrooms that are geared for larger groups of students (but we aim for less than 20 per group). These instances may happen if there are classes that overlap across two or more programs such as Organizational Behavior or the Capstone. On occasion, special lectures are held at IABP’s events prior to the main events such as dinners and as part of a conference. 

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