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Welcome to American Management University

At American Management University, you will learn from professionals with a world of experience. IABP members can be assured that our great faculty will help to bring the best out of you and apply what you learn at your job.

What makes AMU different is that we cater to members of our sponsoring orgaizations. We have your interests first, so we can ensure you are not getting a cookie-cutter education. 

IABP Membedrs and International Students: Admission Open for 2024

At American Management University, we offer several programs to help move your career into the next phase. Join other fine IABP members from across the world, who have taken advantage of their ability to enroll in our fine programs. Members: You can get a great learning experience! 

Not a member yet? Ask us how to join IABP and enjoy AMU’s great educational benefit. 

If you belong to another business-related non-profit organization, have your chapter president contact us. It is possible to have your organization become a co-sponsor so you can have access to an exclusive, business-centered education.

As of 2024, students outside of the United States are no longer required to be members of IABP to enroll!

Our Partners and Alliances

At AMU we strive to develop IABP members into leaders and executives. Our aim is to offer an education that is accessible to members with time constraints and individuals with other obligations. Our students learn through an interactive curriculum that focuses on critical thinking, communication, and strategy.  Special guest seminars are co-hosted with IABP.
Great leaders can inspire people, help others see and believe in a goal, and lead the company’s innovation. Everyone wants a great leader at the top, including investors, consumers, and employees. AMU was founded on the idea that anyone with the right motivation can learn to become a great leader. This is why we believe that only those motivated to find a business mentor, find colleagues in business, or take the time to network in business clubs and organizations are the types of student who would beneift from our programs. Non-profit business-related organizations are our only intended market for students. At AMU, strong, ethical leaders are created.  
At American Management University we have some of the finest and highly qualified faculty-practitioners, so our students learn all the necessary skills to excel in their careers. All faculty members must be members of the IABP. See our Faculty details here.