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Degree Programs

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Complete your degree one course at a time, every four weeks. Keep your focus!

THE AMERICAN MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION PROGRAM is for you whether you’re starting a new career or looking to move ahead in it.

It’s very important for you to stand out as competition is becoming fiercer each day. Our online Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree can help you to reach your goals of finishing your degree and moving ahead. This program provides you with a wealth of knowledge in a variety of topics including leadership, accounting, ethics, marketing, finance, and human resource management.

Please note that you may only complete your undergraduate degree with us. If you have an associate’s degree or 60 semester units of transfer work, you may qualify for acceptance into our program.

All courses offered in our BBA are at the upper division level. You must transfer in a minimum of 60 semester units which includes:

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Math 3
Computer Applications/Related 3
Natural Sciences 3
Behavior Sciences 6
Fine Arts/Humanities/Foreign Language 6
English/Communications 6
Advanced English/Critical Thinking 3
Elective Courses 30
Total Units to Transfer in 60

A student may be granted conditional acceptance if they are within 12 credits of obtaining the minimum needed units for full acceptance.

If a student is granted conditional acceptance, they must complete the remaining courses through other means. Students may do so by completing exams through the American Council on Education, DANTES, community college credit, or similar coursework completed through their employer within one academic year of conditional acceptance.

To earn the BBA, a student must complete the following courses:

Course ID
BBA300 Business Communication 3
BBA301 Computer Information Systems 3
BBA305 Critical Thinking for Business: Decision Making 3
BBA307 Organizational Behavior 3
BBA310 Human Resource Fundamentals 3
BBA315 Business Finance 3
BBA316 Business Accounting 3
BBA320 Marketing 3
BBA321 Public Relations 3
BBA325 Business Ethics 3
BBA330 Microeconomics 3
BBA331 Macroeconomics 3
BBA401 Business Statistics 3
BBA402 Quality Management & Production 3
BBA405 Global Business Strategies 3
BBA410 E-Business 3
BBA415 Research & Analysis 3
BBA425 Management Theory 3
BBA430 Employment Law 3
BBA495 Capstone Course: Management Project 3
Transfer Courses 60
Total Units 120

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You now have another option finish what you started in as little as three months.

If you have already earned an Associate’s Degree or Higher National Diploma, you may qualify to transfer your entire program into AMU. 

THE AMERICAN MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY BACHELOR OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES PROGRAM is for you if you are looking for a way to finish what you started.

 Our online Bachelor’s Professional Studies degree can help you to reach your goals of finishing your degree. This program allows you to receive the maximum number of credits, and complete elective business courses to round out your program.

All courses offered in our BBA are at the upper division level. You must transfer in a minimum of 60 semester units, and AMU may accept as many as 111 credits. Those who transfer the maximum number of credits must only complete Critical Thinking, the Capstone, and one additional business course. 

Note: Acceptance into this program does not guarantee you will finish the program in three months. We will evaluate every course on your transcripts and apply as many we possibly can. The average number of credits students transfer in is 93 credit units, but your results may vary.

The BPS degree is a great way to get maximum credits. To learn more contact us today.